The Hunslet "War Office" Type Locos


Photos in U.K.

The locos worked with varied success post war in the UK. The most effective use appears to have been on the Lochaber railway, with its need for light axle loading and decent water and fuel capacity for its 20 mile length. Things do not seem to have been anywhere near as good on the mineral railways that they otherwise ended up on. The loco at Hook Norton Ironstone appears to have been used through neccessity by the demands of WW2. Alfred Hickmans Ironstone was already adequately supplied with the more suitable Barclay tanks. The railways at Harrogate Gas Works and Fauld gypsum mines were both steeply graded and relatively short needing high tractive effort. Not a lot is reported about either the Trevor Quarry loco, or that which went to Avonmouth Smelter. The loco that apparently survived at Longmoor until the 1960's was meant to be used for training of fitters. Contrast this with their longevity on the agricultural railways of Argentina and the cane railways of Australia, all lightly laid with fairly long hauls.

If you have seen any photos of the locos at Trevor, Avonmouth, Jee's Hartshill Quarry or Fauld, I would really like to see them!

And after 44years

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