The Hunslet "War Office" Type Locos


Photos in Nepal

Quite a number of the locos were sent to India and Nepal, the two definite survivors being post war build to 2'6" gauge with side tanks more akin to "Russell" of the WHR. Details on what happened to most of the Indian locos are somewhat sparse, though the chassis of one was meant to have survived at Singareni Colliery in Nagpur. These two Nepalese locos are meant to be for sale along with the rest of the fleet from the Jaynagar Janakpur railway.

I'm not sure who took the more recent photos, but when I find the url for the website they came off, I'll put it in the Links.

I have recently received a little bit more information on what happened to others which were dispatched to the Nepalese forestry railways. The following photo is from an article dating from the 1930's which appeared in the house magazine for the Indian Railways.

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